SUMMER 2020 Schedule

Due to COVID-19 and Physical Distancing, telehealth for classes is available and either remote or direct services for 1:1 sessions is offered, at this time.


Friday -   10:15- 11:00 Youth Yoga. This is a remote class which thematic bases and incorporates all yoga limbs. 



Occupational Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Holistic Life Coaching,

Yoga Teacher/Therapist Training:

HinM has a relentless passion to facilitate and support you and your team to achieve your highest potential.

  • Transition specialists

  •  Sensory integration

  •  Self determination and regulation skills

  •  Social-emotional intelligence, executive functioning, tutoring/study skills

  •  Childbearing year

  •  Posture analysis, core strengthening, pain. 

  • Stress reduction/mindfulness/burnout prevention.

  • Establish healthy routines.

  • Stuttering, ADD/ADHD, autism spectrum




"The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend."
Benjamin Disraeli

“We know we made the right decision in choosing your services and will recommend you to all".  Paul and Marilyn, Leicester, MA"


“I like that the kids love it. They are moving their bodies and having a lot of fun while learning important life skills".                                        Betsy, Southbridge, MA


"The quality of Gina's vocational evalutations far surpassed my expectations and offered very tangible recommendations." Cathy, Smithfield, RI


" The skills my child gained has helped him be more focused and now he is playing sports and doing better in school."  mother of 10 yo, Northbridge, MA


" I was really impressed by the importance you placed on a holistically grounded approach to our health care. You have very unique and valuable skills."                                             Brenda, Linwood, MA

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