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                               Our Mission:


        "Health  in Motion strives to optimize wellness across the lifespan."


HealthINMotion has held firmly to its founding principles; Health,Wellness, Happiness and Community. We believe that optimizing self and uniting communities create health now and for future generations making the world more gentle and peaceful and its community members more cohesive and fulfilled.


                               Our Values:


To our clients: Our client's needs and goals are considered first. Our clients are individuals, families, groups and community. We consider YOUR current status, strengths, environment, supports and culture with respect, dignity and love. Our clients are members of our HinM family. Treatments, groups and inservices are client centered meeting YOUR needs and desires.


To our community: HinM has a commitment to making our community healthier, happier and more cohesive striving to make a difference to all members and the environment. We believe that feeling like a valued part of a whole gives one more meaning.


To our employees: You are the heart and soul of HinM. We believe in transparent leadership, clear, honest and timely communication. We respect our staff as the professionals they are.


 HinM has developed innovative and cost effective programs that target a broad spectrum of populations. Each program and therapy session is specifically designed and modified to meet our client’s unique needs, strengths, goals, and culture. We are located in central Massachusetts and provide consultation services to southern New England.

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