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DOULA Education and Services

What makes HinM unique? HinM is pioneering professionally trained doulas to support others during times of transition across the lifespan. You will provide emotional, physical, spiritual, informational support and advocacy to clients  and their caretakers/team. Yoga principals are woven into our holistic client-centered, holistic instruction. Certification is taught by an occupational and yoga therapist who is also a midwife and doula/CB educator offering rich layers and depth you will carry to your families across the lifespan. Add on certifications and instruction allows you to widen your clientele journeying across the life span. Trainings can be done on your own, remote or in person. Discounts offered for subsequent certificates. 

Antenatal Doula

The antenatal doula lets you work with familes seeking pregnancy and pregnant mothers/families needing extra support, counsel and/or education due to but not limited to special circumstances, inadequate supports or resources, risk, fatigue, depression, or assistance with optimizing birth plan, environment and care team. This is a 20 hour training. 


Birth Doula Training:

Labor and Delivery:  Holistic certification enables you to provide advocacy, physical, emotional, and spiritual support to women and her birth team during this sacred and natural life event. HinM strives to foster mindful, healthy and supported birth experiences. This 40-hour training done at your own pace under our guided support and instruction.  

Postpartum and Family Transition Doula Training: 


Empower, educate, support, and balance moms and families while they navigate this transformative transition to parenthood and growing family. HinM guides you to support families though mindful transitions such new diagnosis, illness or addition/death of family member. This 40-hour training done at your own pace under our guided support and instruction. HinM will empower you to confidently assist families in more ways than you ever imagined!


Holistic Death and Dying Doula Training:

Gain knowledge and confidence through this 40 hour course to guide those at the end of this life and their caretakers through the dying process by facilitating trust in one’s truth to allow a sense of deepened contentment to journey peacefully and surrender with an open heart. You will support individuals, their families and environment during end of life living; physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a holistic strength-based training

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