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Health IN Motion - our team has been committed to making healthier communities for over three decades.




Health in Motion was founded by sisters Gina Iadarola and Joy Ravelli in the mid 1980's out of a passion to help make health and wellness more accessible to all members of their community. Rooted at health fairs in local colleges, town halls, senior centers, elder housing and day care providers Health in Motion became lovingly known as HinM to its patrons. Soon H in M offered pre and postnatal exercise, wellness and support. This expanded to doula services and then to midwifery. H in M visited senior centers and elder housing sharing exercise classes, nutrition, balance and fall prevention and support to caretakers. H in M offered health fairs, ergonomic awareness, nutrition, and stress reduction/burnout prevention to corporations. We offered yoga, prewriting and sensory development classes to day care providers. It was clear HinM was optimizing wellness across the lifespan!


In 2004, Joy founded Purusha Yoga in San Francisco. Gina worked as an Occupational Therapist (OT) in local schools, home care and sensory integration clinics. Both continued to dabble in Health in Motion. 2012 Gina was inspired to obtain her graduate degree in OT by the American Occupational Therapy Association's Centennial Vision statement that "health and wellness are a key practice area of OT". She wanted to return to her Health in Motion wellness roots to be a more influential OT in wellness-related services, rehabilitation and research. She is passionate about helping support those in times of transition and providing society with easily accessible tools to live meaningful and independent lives. Gina believes all people deserve to live to their fullest potential happily!








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